The Spotted Dragon 
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I started playing Advanced Dungeons & DragonsTM way back in high school (I won't tell you when that was!). My first character is still alive and living high on the hog. I've always enjoyed the game and play it still. I started a new campaign in San Antonio, Texas, but due to conflicting priorities I was unfortunately forced to cancel the group. I started back again with a new group from work. They're slogging their way though the "Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil" right now.

My last Dungeon Master, Robert Vaessen, is a very creative and thorough person. I enjoyed almost every minute of gaming with him. He has the largest collection of unique magic items I've ever seen! Unfortunately, he's living in Colorado now, so I can't play in his campaigns :-( Hey, Robert, I really enjoyed the mechanical spider adventures!

Here's a glimpse of my past characters

  • Targon Sandor, Human, Master Bard, 12th Level (1st Edition Rules)
  • Bregelad, Human, Paladin, 8th Level
  • Feyd Markham, Half-Elf, Fighter/Cleric, 6/6 Level
  • Lars Broadleaf, Half-Elf, Ranger/Mage, 7/8 Level
  • Quin, Drow Elf, Mage/Thief (Spellfilcher), 1st Level
  • Gorn, Minotaur, Fighter (Wilderness Protector), 3rd Level
  • Rama "The Bonecrusher", Minotaur, Fighter (Pit Fighter), 4th Level
  • Wanara, Ogre-Mage, Fighter, 3rd Level
  • M'carn Brightleaf, Elf, Fighter (Swashbuckler), 4th Level