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I've been climbing for since early 1994 when my Boy Scout troop took a trip to the Clipper City Rock Gym in Baltimore, MD. I really enjoyed my day there and have been climbing since. Most of my climbing took place at Clipper City with Rich Rubel, at least until it burned down on September 16, 1995. After that I started climbing at Sport Rock in Rockville, MD.

I now live in San Antonio, Texas, and I've been a bit lax in the climbing department, unfortunately. I just new shoes (courtesy of my wife) for my birthday, but haven't had time to break them in yet. There is only one climbing gym in the immediate area, and it's pretty small. Hopefully I can get the time to hit the gym to warm up for the excellent outdoor climing around here!

I did get a chance to go climbing in Dallas, TX, at a really nice place called StoneWorks. It's built inside an old concrete grain silo and the routes are up to 110' high! It was a really great experience and I hope to go back there soon.

Since I started climbing, I've climbed in some interesting places in addition to the gyms mentioned above. See the links below to go to pages of pictures.

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