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I didn't stat shooting guns until late in life. As a boy, we weren't allowed to have guns in the house so I never really got a chance to shoot until I joined the Boy Scouts. I took the "Rifle and Shotgun" merit badge my first year at summer camp, and kept taking it every year after that (even though I passed it the first time). Until 2003, I had to content myself with shooting at Summer Camp as a Scoutmaster with my Scouts. I shot skeet on my honeymooon and at two National Scout Jamborees.

Finally, in 2004, I bought my first rifle after going on a huntng trip. Isoon followed with a 9mm pistol and a .22 pistol. I don't shoot as often as I would like, but it is fun to get out on the range and plug a few targets every now and then.

A couple of years ago my wife bought an archery set for me for Christmas. I had a lot of fun learning to shoot a bow again. Hopefully I'll be able to bowhunt in the near future. I'd gotten pretty good with the bow but haven't shot it in a while. I need to start doing that again.